The May luminaire consists of up to three lights suspended from each other. The uplight illuminates the room indirectly and softly with a particularly flat radiation; the spherical sidelight emits a direct light all around; the filigree downlight casts brilliant and glare-free light downwards.

Distances between the lights can be freely selected with the lower lights each connected to the one above. They can be used all three together, in any combination in twos or also individually. The dim-to-warm lights can be controlled independently of each other or in groups by Bluetooth via classic wall switches, remote control or apps.

Available soon.

  • May was awarded "Best of Best" at the Iconic Awards 2023 by the German Design Council.

  • May received the "Special Mention" award in the Focus Open 2023 competition organised by the Baden-Württemberg Design Centre.

  • May at FAZ Magazin