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»Pretty small« white glossy

Pretty small
Pendant light

Product description

A family of three distinct types of luminaires, all of them beautifully waisted. The softly flowing yet clear lines of the metal lampshades have been artfully crafted from a single piece of material.

“Pretty wide” emits an open and direct kind of light; “Pretty long” focuses the light to a clean and narrow cone; “Pretty small” is the smaller, classic variety. The light effect of the lampshades may vary according to their finish: a mat white produces a soft light, while a mat black emits a brilliant variety.



Materials:Steel w/ matt finish
Cord:cloth-covered, 3 or 5 meters (ca. 10 or 16,5 ft.)
Ceiling canopy:plastic
Light source:E 14, max. 40W
Dimensions:H: 18.1cm / 7.1in, Ø: 16.4cm / 6.5in
Weight:0.6kg / 21oz


Nyta catalogue German / English

Nyta catalogue
(de / en, pdf-file, 3.5 MB)

Nyta Pretty small Assembly instructions and manual

»Pretty small« Assembly instructions and manual
(de / en, pdf-file, 0.3 MB)

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