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Review Euroluce 2023, Milan

Product releases 2023

Introducing »May«

The May luminaire consists of up to three lights suspended from each other. The uplight illuminates the room indirectly and softly with a particularly flat radiation; the spherical sidelight emits a direct light all around; the filigree downlight casts brilliant and glare-free light downwards.

Distances between the lights can be freely selected with the lower lights each connected to the one above. They can be used all three together, in any combination in twos or also individually. The dim-to-warm lights can be controlled independently of each other or in groups by Bluetooth via classic wall switches, remote control or apps.

Available soon.

Nyta May

Nyta May – Iconic Awards – Best of Best

May was awarded "Best of Best" at the Iconic Awards 2023 by the German Design Council.

Nyta May

Pi + Tau

Fine, sharp details and contours characterise the Pi and Tau pendant lights. The archetypical bodies, made from a solid piece of metal, hang precisely in place. The deep black, matt surface makes the luminaires appear like silhouettes.

Both luminaires offer high-quality brilliant light. Its character adapts to the situation; at full brightness, the luminaires offer fresh and crisp, dimmed increasingly warmer and cosy light.

Nyta Pi
Nyta Tau

Tilt Table + Tilt Globe Table

Addition to our Tilt and Tilt Globe range of luminaires. The minimalistic table lamps have a freely rotatable lamp shade.

Nyta Tilt Globe Table
Nyta Tilt Table
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